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In recent years, air fryers have taken the culinary world by storm, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. With the promise of crispy, delicious food that’s cooked with significantly less oil, it’s no wonder that air fryers have become a kitchen staple for many households. If you’re in the market for an air fryer, one of the most convenient places to find a wide variety of options is at Walmart. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the world of air fryers at Walmart, exploring their benefits, popular brands, and some top-rated models.

The Rise of Air Fryers

Air fryers have revolutionized the way we cook, providing a healthier alternative to deep frying without sacrificing flavor or texture. These handy kitchen appliances use hot air circulation to cook food, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender interior, much like traditional frying. However, they do so with significantly less oil or, in some cases, none at all. This makes air fryers a great choice for those looking to reduce their calorie and fat intake while still enjoying their favorite fried foods.

Why Walmart?

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains in the world, known for its wide selection of products at competitive prices. When it comes to air fryers, Walmart offers an extensive range of options to suit every budget and cooking need. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, you’re likely to find an air fryer that fits your requirements.

Benefits of Air Fryers

  • Healthier Cooking: One of the primary advantages of using an air fryer is that it allows you to enjoy fried foods with up to 80% less fat. The hot air circulating within the fryer crisps up the food’s exterior while cooking it evenly, resulting in a satisfying crunch without the excessive oil.
  • Versatility: Air fryers are incredibly versatile appliances. They can cook a wide variety of foods, from french fries and chicken wings to vegetables and even desserts. Some models even come with additional features like grilling, baking, and roasting.
  • Time Efficiency: Air fryers have gained renown for their rapid cooking capabilities. They can prepare meals faster than conventional ovens and stovetops, making them a great choice for busy individuals or families.
  • Easy Cleanup: Air fryers are typically easy to clean, with removable parts that are dishwasher safe in many cases. This eliminates the hassle of scrubbing and cleaning up after a meal.

Popular Brands at Walmart

Walmart stocks air fryers from a range of popular brands, each with its unique features and price points. Below are a few of the leading brands you can discover:

  • Ninja: Ninja is known for its innovative kitchen appliances, and their air fryers are no exception. The Ninja Air Fryer combines air frying with other cooking methods like roasting and dehydrating.
  • Instant Pot: Instant Pot, famous for its multi-cookers, offers air fryer models that are versatile and space-saving. These devices can replace several kitchen appliances in one.
  • COSORI: COSORI air fryers are known for their sleek design and easy-to-use digital interfaces. They often come with pre-programmed settings for various dishes.
  • Farberware: Farberware air fryers are budget-friendly options that offer basic functionality for those who want to try air frying without breaking the bank.
  • PowerXL: PowerXL air fryers are praised for their larger cooking capacities, making them suitable for families or those who like to batch cook.

Top-Rated Air Fryers at Walmart

  • Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 2-Basket Air Fryer: This Ninja air fryer features dual cooking zones, allowing you to cook two different dishes simultaneously. It also offers six cooking functions, including air frying, roasting, and dehydrating.
  • Instant Pot Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven: This Instant Pot air fryer oven can replace several kitchen appliances, as it can air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. It’s perfect for those who want versatility in their cooking.
  • COSORI Air Fryer Max XL: The COSORI Max XL is known for its large cooking capacity, making it suitable for families. It offers a digital touchscreen interface with a wide temperature range and customizable presets.
  • Farberware 3.2-Quart Digital Air Fryer: For those on a budget, the Farberware Digital Air Fryer is a reliable choice. It may be basic in features, but it gets the job done efficiently.
  • PowerXL Vortex 7-Quart Air Fryer: With a generous 7-quart capacity, this PowerXL air fryer is great for cooking larger meals. It features multiple cooking presets and a digital touchscreen for easy control.


Air fryers have become a kitchen essential for health-conscious individuals and food enthusiasts alike. Walmart offers a wide selection of air fryers from popular brands, making it a convenient one-stop shop for those looking to invest in this versatile and healthier cooking appliance. Whether you’re looking for a compact and budget-friendly option or a multifunctional air fryer with all the bells and whistles, you’re likely to find the perfect fit at Walmart. So, why wait? Upgrade your kitchen and cooking habits today with an air fryer from Walmart and savor the crispy goodness of your favorite dishes with less guilt.

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